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ActiviBox lets kids learn skills such as recognising colours, counting, matching pairs, spelling words. The educational app is built around a serie of activities that evolve as your child improve his or her ability to complete the task. Each activity is presented using interesting and amusing game with attractive and colourful graphics.

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Evolve with your child

Each activity will adapt as your child learns. The difficulty will increase as your child develop new skill and understanding of the task to complete.

If we take the Matching Pair activity as an example, it the following levels:

Follow your child's progress

Your child development is important and we want you (the parents) to be able to follow their progress. This means showing you when we think they have learn a skill such as "counting from 1 to 5", "knowing how to spell their name", "differentiate a square and a circle"

This feature will be available on the web and will also help you monitor the time your child spends on the application. We do encourage short session of 30 minutes, especially for younger children.

This feature is currently in development and will be available soon.


Lesson Matching

Matching Pair

In this activity your child is tasked to pair two items together. In its easier level the two items are identical and as your child progresses, those paired items become distinct but with a connection. For instance the items could be of the same colour, or represent the same concept (a boy and a girl, a fork and a knife).

Area of development: memory

Lesson Direction


With this activity your child is asked to recognise the direction object are positioned: left or right.

Area of development: spatial representation

Lesson Maze


Find a path in a maze.

Area of development: spatial representation

Lesson Same


Recognise similar objects.

Lesson Small Big

Small or Big

Understand the concept of small vs big.





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We are always keen to improve this educational app so we would love to hear from you or your child. Please tell us how we have made a difference in your child's education by rating our app and/or posting a comment. If you have any questions or issues, please email us.